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Lean Equipment Management: How to Make the Pillars of TPM Work
One-, two-, and three-day options

NASCAR Racing: A Model for Equipment Reliability and Teamwork
One or two days

Focus on Results Maintenance and Operations Skills Development
One to two days

Spanish Seminars
Available upon request

Lean Equipment Management Pit Stop Training
Three to four days

Pit Stop Training Progress Follow-up
One or two days

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NASCAR Pit Crew Experience Pit Crew Experience
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Spanish Seminars

Available upon request

NASCAR Racing: A Model for Equipment Reliability & Teamwork (one day)

Workplace Organization Orderliness (two to four days)
Objective of this session: Setting the foundation for eliminating waste in the production and maintenance areas using the "5S Process" to improve performance as part of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Equipment Management, and/or TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

1.     This session is designed for people currently working in, having responsibility for, or supporting existing production and/or maintenance shops, work areas, or cribs.  The planned outcome is to help the participants make improvements in their work areas in ways that make their work easier, improves service efficiency, and reduces operating costs in the area.

2.     The training session will provide opportunities for the participants to learn about the "5S system" for workplace organization and orderliness through a combined classroom activities, in-plant tours, and hands-on application of the basic techniques. Initial improvements will be made in some of the plant areas or shops as part of the learning exercises but they will not necessarily be "permanent improvements."

3.     Participants will have developed specific "5S Action Plans" for their areas by the end of the sessions.  These Action Plans should be reviewed with the appropriate supervision/management prior to implementation.