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Lean Equipment Management

Are you spending too much time focusing on programs and activities at the expense of results?

Equipment-intensive businesses cannot compete without reliable equipment. Improvement programs and activities often take too long and require a leap of faith. Competitive manufacturers and facilities will have to find new, innovative, and increasingly flexible ways to make their equipment more reliable to stay ahead of the competitionů with fewer people than in the past. Learn more

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Can Training Increase Maintenance Costs?
A new report says maintenance costs have gone up in the U.S. Navy as a result of computer-based training. How can manufacturing prepare our maintenance technicians with efficient, effective job-related training?
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TPM for Asset Management Systems (Part 3)
This is the last in a series of articles that weave the five basic pillars of Total Productive Maintenance together in ways that can open eyes and minds for the asset management journey and achieve fast, sustainable results along the way. This article expands the asset management concepts related to the pillars of TPM and the essential but missing pillars: leadership and work culture.
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The Racing Theme: About Our Logo

SWS Pit Crew logoMotorsports racing provides us with many models for high-performing organizations. We have learned that championship racing teams practice many of the principles our clients strive for in modern manufacturing and maintenance, from teamwork and leadership to cost effectiveness and equipment reliability and much more. Our ongoing study of championship race teams and pit crews helps us teach our clients to improve their competitiveness and be more effective in their own races.
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